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What is Advocacy?

IIDA works to raise the visibility of our members, to educate public officials about the value of what we do, and to generally increase awareness and understanding of our work and the impact we make in our communities.


VP of Adovocacy

Why does Advocacy matter?

The goal of IIDA’s advocacy efforts is to ensure that Commercial Interior Designers can practice to their fullest abilities through robust interior design legislation. Interior Design legislation helps establish and maintain professional standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. IIDA firmly believes that legal recognition, achieved through licensing, registration, and certification, brings uniformity to the profession, defines responsibility, and encourages excellence in the Interior Design industry.

What is Commercial Interior Design?

Any code-impacted interior environment requires Commercial Interior Design. This includes all public and corporate spaces such as civic buildings, offices, and hospitality, retail, and entertainment spaces—essentially, anything that isn’t a private residential interior. Interior design encompasses the analysis, planning, design, documentation, and management of interior non-structural/non-seismic construction and alteration projects in compliance with applicable building design and construction, fire, life-safety, and energy codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines for the purpose of obtaining a building permit, as allowed by law. Qualified by means of education, experience, and examination, interior designers have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect consumers and occupants through the design of code-compliant, accessible, and inclusive interior environments that address well-being, while considering the complex physical, mental, and emotional needs of people.

6 Ways to Get Involved

Stay Informed

For the latest updates on Commercial Interior Design legislation, text “InteriorDesigner” to 52886

Lend Your Voice

We want to hear about your involvement with the interior design profession in California. Share your experience by completing this five minute survey. Each survey participant will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $100 gift cards from Heath Ceramics as a thank you for their time and input.


If you would like to donate to support our California Advocacy efforts, please email Your support makes it possible for IIDA NC to sustain critical lobbying efforts, education campaigns, and advocacy events. Thank you!

Host a CEU

If you are interested in holding a lunchtime or virtual introductory CEU about interior design advocacy in your office, please contact

Attend a Capital Day

IIDA periodically hosts capital days in Sacramento and field office visits with state representatives in jurisdictions throughout Northern California. If you’re interested in meeting with a state representative in a small group to share the work you do please email

Join our Advocacy Committee

Each city center committee has a position for advocacy chair or advocacy co-chairs.


FAQs about Commercial Interior Design legislation and advocacy


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IIDA’s efforts to demystify, promote, and elevate the commercial interior design industry are unique in each state. Learn more about our national efforts at

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We advocate to eliminate the misunderstanding and misinformation of our profession, and to promote smart policies that move us forward together.

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