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About IIDA

The profession of Interior Design positively impacts people’s health and well-being every day and enhances business value all around the world. The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) supports design professionals, educators, students, firms, and their clients through our network of 15,000+ members across 58 countries. In order to continually increase the value and understanding of our work, we provide community outreach and a vibrant community for those interested in design, and we advocate for advancements in design excellence, education, legislation, and accreditation.

About the IIDA Northern California Chapter

The Northern California Chapter of IIDA supports a vibrant, active, diverse community of more than 900 members across six locally focused City Centers. 

Through numerous chapter events, we strengthen community bonds, provide opportunities for networking and mentorship, build leadership skills, and celebrate the accomplishments of our peers.


A letter from the
IIDA NC President

Dear Members and
Friends of IIDA:

What a difference a pandemic year (and a half) makes. It has been such a different presidency than I imagined it would be. To learn how fragile the world really is. How quickly it can all come to a halt, how the forces at play of social unrest, political polarization, climate change exacerbate each other and are interconnected. But also, how we can shift and rise to the challenge.

In this second year of the pandemic my presidency can focus on nothing other than to address what we must; to ask how we, as an organization, can not only support our community but also help navigate this different era we have entered.

I don’t have the answers, but I believe that design and designers have a bigger role to play than we ever imagined. We are problem solvers and today’s problems are immense. We need to go beyond our clients’ briefs and look at every project as part of the ecosystem that it is. We need to ask ourselves how we can do more, how our designs can have a positive impact.

We know from the recent IPCC report that humans are responsible for climate change and that we must make changes quickly to ensure a habitable future. It is no coincidence that our social fabric has become precarious as well. Both need to be addressed in tandem, and there is much that we can do as designers.

2021 started with advocacy and education. With Yoko Ishihara’s leadership we added a diversity, equity, and inclusion position to the board and rolled out DE&I programs. I plan to amplify those efforts with climate initiatives that put social justice front and center. For the first time we got political and supported several state climate bills on building decarbonization. A new Climate Action Committee is underway, and 2022 will be a big year for advocacy for our profession. We will continue to provide programming, support good policy and look for opportunities to make a difference.

And fingers crossed that we can raise a glass to celebrate accomplishments and each other’s company in person next year. Our close-knit Northern California community has been an inspiration during this crisis. Let’s fight for our future and together be the change that we must be.


2020 Chapter
Award Recipient

Gold Level Badge

Every year, the national IIDA organization awards Gold Badges to chapters that exemplify and exceed the standards of the organization for member benefits, enhancing the reputation of the profession, and successful management. For the 2019-20 Board Term, IIDA NC received this honor—one of only two chapters that year!

Our Core Values


Relentlessly pursue diversity to bring everyone with us


Champion our industry and constituents at every opportunity 


Be the grace, love and kindness that brings our community closer together


Be the futurists redefining the profession


Teach and mentor the next generation of professionals


Collaborate openly for a better future


Share stories and honor the excellence of what we do and who we are      

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We are a vibrant community of
City Centers.

Our Chapter consists of six vibrant, locally focused City Centers which host a variety of programs & events throughout the year. Come create connections and support thriving local design communities of students and professionals.

Our community

The IIDA Northern California and City Centers partner with other nonprofit organizations to support our continuing efforts towards social responsibility. 

By adopting a unified theme each year, we address the most important needs of our local community and focus our work on the communities and organizations where we can have the greatest impact.


If your organization would like to be considered for a pro bono project, please fill out our online form.