National Firms Support IIDA Efforts

February 1, 2024

HGA and ASD|SKY Inaugural Signatories Supporting California Registered Commercial Interior Designer Title Act

Leading architecture and design firms, HGA and ASD|SKY, have signed letters to AIA California in support of a Commercial Interior Designer Title Act. This follows on the heels of a recent announcement by the International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) California chapters declaring their intention to sponsor legislation for a title act in 2024, a move that has garnered widespread support within the industry. As inaugural signatories, these firms are at the forefront of a movement aimed at advancing the profession within the state.

HGA and ASD|SKY commitment to this cause is a reflection of their leadership in fostering innovative and collaborative approaches in architecture and design. Their participation as the first signatories underlines a shared vision for the future of the architecture and design industry – one that emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration and team-based project execution.

At HGA it is a priority to elevate and integrate the Interior Design discipline into every project and into the leadership of the firm. We believe this integrated approach along with the visionary leadership of our Interior Design Partners is critical to the quality of our work and our future success. HGA strongly supports the path to licensure that the IIDA is proposing in the State of California.
Tim Carl | CEO, HGA

The proposed title act by IIDA aims to establish and recognize professional standards and qualifications for the profession of commercial interior design in California. This legislative effort is a crucial step towards aligning the profession with the evolving demands of the industry, where interdisciplinary collaboration and consistent regulation are increasingly becoming the norm. 

Both ASD|SKY and HGA have expressed their enthusiasm for this initiative, emphasizing its importance in shaping a more dynamic, integrated, and professional future for commercial interior designers in California. 

ASD|SKY is a multi-disciplinary firm where holistic design is paramount and interior design is a key element of our integrated approach. We see a clear path to licensure for our invaluable interior designers in the State of California as a long overdue measure. ASD|SKY fully supports the path to licensure that IIDA is proposing in the State of California.
Amy Tamburro | Principal, ASD|SKY SF

Katy Mercer, President of the IIDA Northern California Chapter, commented on this: “The backing of this initiative by leading firms like ASD|SKY and HGA highlights a long-awaited and crucial step for our industry in California. It signals a collective acknowledgment and readiness to embrace modernized practice and interdisciplinary approaches that many in our field have long seen as necessary for our profession’s growth and relevance.”

Brett Shwery, President of the IIDA Southern California Chapter, expressed his thoughts on the matter: “The support for this initiative from prominent organizations underscores a pivotal advancement for Commercial Interior Designers in California. Sharing this collective recognition and providing vital leadership is imperative to advancing the profession that provides vital practices in support of our ever-evolving society and the built environment”. 
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