Student Submission Deadline for the Northern California Chapter Honor Awards

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JUDGING CRITERIA FOR ALL PROJECTS! The judges will be looking at every project submitted through these additional criteria. We feel strongly that our design projects need to go beyond aesthetics and even the immediate program. We need to be thinking about how every project can make a positive impact on the world. A project that addresses any of these criteria will be given greater consideration within their respective category. Please do explain how your project fits any of these criteria in your project statement!

Holistically incorporating the ecosystem of the site, both the natural and social environment and the location, to make connections inside and out.

Promoting the health of people and the environment. The project can be an example of proactive resilience, or a restorative design addressing wellness.

Understanding that the most sustainable thing to do is nothing. Reusing what’s existing to exemplify a less-is-more approach. Minimizing the resources used with reuse as a main strategy.

Giving back to the community that the project is part of in a way that addresses equity or enables others with less means or fewer resources



Sunday, May 02 2021