September 2023 Climate Crawl

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September Climate Crawl


Early Phase Integrated Carbon (EPIC)

EHDD’s approach to sustainability has evolved over the firm’s 75-year history, from an early emphasis on “appropriate design” to designing some of the first net zero projects to our current focus on climate positive design.  Since we launched the open access Early Phase Integrated Carbon (EPIC) assessment last summer, we’ve also been thinking beyond our own practice. Now, our low-carbon design tools are used by over 1,800 architects, engineers, real estate professionals, and designers across the country.

Our recent work has focused on giving interior designers a greater opportunity to participate in climate action. Opt.In (a tool to opt in to climate action by optimizing interiors) will offer designers a hot spot map to understand and lower the carbon emissions related to their design by exploring the effects of reuse, material efficiency, and product selection. Currently under development, we expect an open access version of Opt.In to be released sometime in 2023.