• 2021 HONOREE
  • Lemonade

ID4-Me – Lemonade Award Winner

AP+I Design

Design Team

AP+I Design

Khaing Sabe

Director of Design

Cindy Mallay

Senior Project Manager + Interior Designer

Karen Iwata

Environmental Graphic Designer

Extended Partners

Consultants, Engineers,

ONEder Grant, One Workplace
Amy Nieva, Market Development Manager

About the Project

ID4- ME, Interior Design for Me is an after-school program, with the goal of diversifying the Interior Design profession, specifically towards communities of color, by sharing knowledge and expertise about the practice of Interior Design as a career option for young students. Like many programs within K- 12 schools, we know that the creative fields are often the first to lose funding, and as such, the exposure to opportunities in our field is rare, and even more so for communities of color from disadvantaged regions. This is happening with students in the lower grades, and particularly in high school, when students are beginning to formulate their ideas and desires around career choices.

To further our mission, we hope that other firms in the design community can join us, either in helping to teach the curriculum we develop or to take the bones of our program and go out and begin their own outreach. The purpose was to create a program that is scalable and sustainable, able to be shared and used by any firms who have an interest.

Client Statement

We at EPAA are eternally grateful to the team that brought the design project to our school. As a school, we work hard to empower our students and families, with an eye on diversifying the culture of power.

We are certain that the best things on earth happen when diverse people come together with a common goal, open hearts, and open minds. What is created is magical. The opportunity to contribute diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences to design will only enrich the field. We are so grateful for the thoughtful work in the planning, collaboration, and execution of the lesson that our design team designed for our students. They are rich in thoughtful and engaging ways. The two of them (our design team) created something very special. I am only sorry I cannot bring them an army of students. It is my great honor to support in any way that I can. From the weekly lessons, and beautiful slides, to the incredible bag of design goodies, everything has been truly top-notch.

With deep gratitude,
Amika Guillaume, Principal

The Lemonade Statement

Diversity and inclusion in the Interior Design profession have been sorely lacking since the beginning. Given the circumstances of society today, where communities are rising up to fight for equity and change, we feel we must do the same. As creatives, we value different perspectives and backgrounds, as a catalyst for innovative design and to see the impact of design for all communities when our teams are made up of people from diverse communities. It helps us create and build spaces, whereby our designs can be made for all, by all and the experiences we create in these built spaces are as diverse as the people who created them.

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