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Hotel Florescence

Soumya Jain

Student Designer

Soumya Jain

About the Project

Hotel Florescence is a boutique hotel located in downtown Oakland, California. The client aims to open the hotel in the post-pandemic world to welcome business guests to the extended-stay model hotel. Considering the negative impacts of the pandemic in the past year, the hotel’s design aims to create a positive impact on its user’s mental health and well-being, while providing the flexibility to distance as desired.

Identified Problem
In the past year, people across the globe have found their lives fundamentally impacted by the pandemic. As lockdowns were imposed and we were forced to stay in our homes, it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime chance to not have to drive to work or to even get out of bed – initially. However, it soon started to feel like we were stuck in a time-loop repeating the same day over and over again. The pandemic upended day-to-day lives across the globe including the way we work, learn, and interact; and left us in an unending loop devoid of any spontaneity.

Monotonous daily routine, losing track of time – day or night, Lack of spontaneity, feeling trapped, isolated, detached, needing to physically distance ourselves

Proposed Solution
The extended-stay hotel will be a second home to the business guests; thus, the hotel will emerge as a reaction to the adverse effects of the past year. Spaces will connect with the surroundings by allowing regulation of interior conditions as per the external conditions, to minimize the feelings of being “cut-off”. The hotel is a reactive idea to the restrictions of the pandemic – a space that bridges the indoors with the outdoors (circadian rhythm). It provides flexibility to its occupants and adapts and evolves according to their need and desire – to completely eliminate the feelings of entrapment of the pandemic world.
It is a dynamic space that can constantly evolve to accommodate its users.

Design Concept – The Ever-Changing Nature
As people crave the lost spontaneity in the post-pandemic world, Hotel Florescence emerges as a reaction to the adverse effects of the past year. It connects the users to their surroundings by adapting and evolving to their changing needs and desires. The space is responsive and constructs around its inhabitants while providing them with flexibility for modification.
The space functions as a reflection of the ever-changing nature. Like flowers that blossom and close up as a response to their surroundings, the hotel provides a sense of dynamism and transformation.
Space creates an atmosphere of dynamism, excitement, energy, and adventure inspired by nature.

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