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Rapt Studios


Design Team

Rapt Studio

David Galullo

Chief Creative Officer

Ed Hall

Account Director

Daniel Epperson

Design Director

Pierre Barral

Team Lead

Lindsay Winstead


Extended Partners

General Contractors

SC Builders


One Hat One Hand
NorCal Flooring
New Mat


Jasper Sanidad


Core Lighting
Flos String


Philip Jefferies Wallpaper
Calico Wall
MDC Acoustic Paneling
Dal Tile
Milliken Carpet
Ege Carpet
Interface Carpet
Fletco Carpet
Capri Cork Flooring
Maharam Textiles
Concrete Works
Cesar Stone

About the Project

GitHub is an open-source coding community that prides itself on creating a transparent, connected, and collective product. Given their growing workforce, the company needed to expand their office space but faced constraints in their current brick and timber building: it opposed the attributes of the company in many ways. A main goal for the expansion became to soften the harsh feel of the building while providing a variety of settings for working at different times of the day.

Our design concept was rooted in the company’s central tenet of being open-source. The layout became a physical model of collaboration, effectively translating their product and values spatially. We created an inner hub for closed programming that maintained a sense of privacy and connectivity, as well as a central hub of meeting spaces that allowed employees and clients to work together and then disperse to the surrounding open workspace.

With low ceilings and natural lighting accessible only on the eastern façade, the conditions were dark and constricting. To counterbalance them, a one-foot-thick backlit fabric wall became the dividing membrane, separating the closed program from the open office and creating a secondary source of light within the depths of the space. This custom 3,000+ square-foot translucent LED membrane became a wayfinding element, running continuously throughout the office and serving as a beacon of light between the two work settings.

The new space responded to the existing site conditions and creates an environment that promotes collaboration, fosters varied work styles, and builds vibrant communities. Addressing employee feedback, it’s designed for Github’s future.

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