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Dandelion Chocolate Factory


Design Team


Barry Bourbon

Principal in Charge/Design Principal

Chris Harrelson

(formerly) Design Director

Kenneth Poole

(formerly) Project Manager

Aimee Taylor

Interior Designer

Nelly Paz


Christine Lehto

(formerly) Designer

Extended Partners

General Contractors

Terra Nova Industries


Studio Roeper
Basil Racuk
Jaimie Hayon
Annie Kamin


Ryan Gobuty


Fireclay, Cle Tile
Architectural Metals
Jackal Enterprises
Schalge, Schoolhouse Electric, Rixson,
Flos, Barnlight Electric, Tech Lighting
Pulp Studio
Bonelli Windows
HBF Textiles
Moore & Giles
Benjamin Moore


Stellar Works
Ohio Design
Kay Chesterfield
Hay Design

Consultants, Engineers,

Terra Nova Industries
Henderson Engineers Inc
Arnold & Egan
Snooks Robins

About the Project

Dandelion Chocolate set down its roots in a 107 year-old structure in the heart of the Mission neighborhood. Over 28,000 square feet of raw, clean space, an exposed timber structure, master-quality masonry and brickwork, provided the backdrop for creating an unparalleled artisan experience. Expanding from a constrained space, Dandelion Chocolate is now able to create a truly immersive experience in this busy industrial area of San Francisco, supporting the craft of artisan manufacturing.

Each detail speaks to the experience contained within this completely refurbished and retrofitted space. A stone entry begins every visitors journey, where aromatic joy and warm light immerse the guest. Coffee and chocolate can be enjoyed within the café or at the counter where tastings are offered.

A jewel-box salon brings together the various elements of the space. Arranged under a crafted chandelier, communal tables support engagement and community. Walls of beveled, antique glass and brass finishes provide clean lines and transparency, each contributing to the space’s bright energy.
To honor the craft of the chocolate-maker, a production and education space is open to the public. Elevated viewing platforms and stepped seating were specially designed as a space for guests to engage in learning and discussion. Tours enhance Dandelion Chocolate’s strategy to engage the community around the delicate process of chocolate making, fair trade, and the sustainable practices they utilize.

The on-site retail shop features built-in fixtures and continues the theme of craftsmanship and tailored materials. The classic 2-ounce artisan chocolate bar manufactured at the facility is available for purchase, giving guests the opportunity to take a piece of the experience home.

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