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Cuyana in Motion

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Design Team

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Gregory Mottola


Lena Shah

Project Manager

Toshiro Ihara

Project Designer

Kyle Anderson

Project Designer

Josh Keller

Research Support

Extended Partners

General Contractor
Alex Kang

Project Manager
Satoh Brothers International

Design Architect
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Interior Designer
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Architect of Record
Satoh Brothers International

Design Collaborator &
Project Sponsor

Toyota / TMNA

Specialty Fabrication
& Engineering


Prototype Fabrication
Sivax North America, Inc.

Real Estate Advisor
Lantern Company

Daniel Lee


Exterior Deck

Painted Steel
Benjamin Moore
White Diamond

Interior Floors
Stiletto Cerused Taupe


Lantern Fabric
White Suprema vinyl

Interior Merchandise Area
3M DI-NOC wood grain in fluted profile

Interior Merchandise Shelving
Fenix NTM
Bianco Kos finish


About the Project

Emerging brands looking to test new markets for brick-and-mortar stores often face unknowns around servicing customer needs in specific regions. Existing temporary models, like pop-ups and shipping containers, can be expensive, may not align with brand identity, and frequently involve outfitting an entire storefront for a limited amount of time. The Cuyana in Motion pilot, which launched in the summer of 2021, set out to solve a meaningful gap that exists between the retailer, landlord, and customer, positioning brands for success while re-provisioning underused space.

Designed with flexibility and portability in mind, the project empowers brands to test new markets with a compact footprint and reconfigurable, easily movable framework that fits on a flatbed and quickly assembles once onsite in a new location. The shop design allows for full customization for a brand, establishing a high-fidelity environment to showcase curated products while connecting seamlessly to an

omnichannel experience. The concept’s “lantern hub” welcomes visitors under a translucent fabric scrim, telescoping upward during operation to create a striking presence from a distance and a sense of volume and openness upon entry. Natural light floods the interior during the day, while a soft glow emanates at night. The lantern hub lowers easily to a compact form for transportation.

Material selection matches the aesthetic of Cuyana’s more permanent stores, creating seamless recognition between different customer experiences. Thoughtful detailing and materials reflect the brand’s “fewer, better” philosophy and commitment to design, quality, and sustainability. Renewable bamboo flooring, salvaged oak-inspired wall surfaces detailed in a fluted profile, and brass accents create an organic and refined interior. Crisp white countertops complete the palette, providing a neutral backdrop to Cuyana’s products. The design distills the essential elements of the Cuyana brand within the mobile shop concept, providing an ideal environment to welcome customers in new markets.

From the Judges

Such an interesting idea. Provides flexibility for all kinds of vendors. You can then break it down and move on a truck. Something I have never seen before. A new way for how pop-ups can work.

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