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  • Lemonade

Artist Workshop Series – Lemonade Award Winner

Studio O+A

Design Team

Studio O+A Staff

The Lemonade Statement

The pandemic has, indeed, supplied us with an abundance of lemons this year. Between quarantine, the resulting isolation, anxiety about the pandemic, and an uncertain future, our staff found themselves searching for respite and a way to reconnect (virtually) to their peers. Prior to shelter in place in March of 2020, the firm was set to host a staff product fair. Interested persons volunteered to participate and create a booth to sell their handmade wares, art, or even food. The idea was that we would invite members of our community and the general public to partake in this one-of-a-kind event that would share people’s unique talents and interests. Of course, when it was clear the pandemic would have a longer-lasting effect than we had initially predicted, we had to do what we do best: adapt.

The firm knew that we needed to find an alternative way to showcase all of the unique talents and hard work that went into the initial plan. One of the co-founders saw an opportunity and suggested we turn the fair into a virtual Artist Workshop Series that would not just recognize the individuals, but also offer an opportunity for learning. The idea took off and we gave each staff “vendor” the opportunity to present to the studio on the subject of their choosing. Every several weeks, there would be a new host who would lead an interactive lesson over Zoom. We’ve now had nine different workshops ranging from topics on painting and drawing to baking, yoga, and making hand-dyed fabrics. The diverse talents of the staff and their ability to turn lemons into lemonade really brought the firm together in a positive and enriching way. Not only were we exposed to new topics, but we found that much sought-after human connection.

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