• 2021 HONOREE
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88 Kearny


Design Team


Doug Zucker

Project Leader

Greg Gallimore

Digital Experience Concept Lead, Project Oversight

Amy Campbell

Architectural Design Director

Dan Baroni

Architectural Project Manager

David Bradshaw

Architectural Project Architect

Sarah Frankel

Digital Experience Production Manager

Jesus Garcia Galvez

Lead Technologist – Hardware Systems Design

Kaya Ono

Digital Experience Media Development & Art Direction

Jacob Stephens

Generative Software Developer

Graeme Asher

Reactive Sensor System Developer

Extended Partners

General Contractors

Principal Builders


PAW Architectural Woodwork


Jason O’Rear


Existing Marble Flooring
Kaswell Endgrain Oak
Exotic Veneer Pal Dao
Rigidized Stamped Metal Panels
Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh


Geiger Clamshell Chair

Consultants, Engineers,

Diversified Systems, Inc.
Banks Landl
Archetype Lighting

About the Project

88 Kearny is a renovated office building lobby transformed by a digital interactive experience. The original space was a 120feet long, oddly proportioned corridor that felt like an afterthought though it was the building’s primary entrance. It was essential to the client to attract tenants in the active tech leasing market but not alienate more corporate tenants who traditionally occupied the building.

The solution was to turn its weakness into its strength and make the journey through the lobby a delightful, energizing, and constantly new experience. The approach was to turn the corridor into a digital art gallery, which revealed itself only when viewed axially and walking directly through the lobby. From outside the building, you can see a dynamic image. As you enter the lobby, the image displayed on twenty-five 23-foot LED screens fragments into strips and interacts with you as you pass it then recompose again as you enter the elevator lobby. Leaving the lobby provides a different experience that begins with the entire image, then sees only fragments, and subsequently only metal panels softly illuminated by the then invisible digital canvases.

The team designed and produced a library of bespoke digital content programmed to change and respond to lobby traffic with motion-sensitive technology. The real-time dynamic content maintains relevancy day to day, celebrating Bay Area culture, including events and holidays, natural scenery that shifts with the changing seasons and time of day, and ambient moments that showcase artistic process. Although much of the content is digitally generated, commissioned photography and time-lapse footage were also used to complete the multitude of unique thematic scenes. The content and the architecture were developed together, creating a space that both delights and responds to tenants. Our goal was that tenants and their guests would never experience the same walk twice.

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