Student Design Awards – Submissions DUE

Every year, the IIDA Northern California chapter throws the ultimate design celebration, showcasing interior design students’ creative work and brilliance at our annual Honor Awards.

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Submissions are due by February 16!



Please contact



Friday, February 16 2024


12:00 PM (NOON)


Please submit your entry electronically to


IIDA Northern CA Chapter

2024 Competition


IIDA NC is thrilled to be able to award $7,000 in total. Winners and how the design award monies are distributed are determined by an independent jury.

Please submit your entry electronically to In your email, please include your name, address, phone number, school and grade level. You will receive a confirmation email once we receive your files.


Through your submission, you are being challenged to demonstrate your capability to produce an award winning design for a space that will be used by an individual or group. Submissions will be judged for suitability to the project challenge, originality of the design solution, and the successful integration of interior forms, finishes and furnishings. Select one of the following categories as your topic of focus — Live, Work, Play, Serve or Heal.


All entrants must be an IIDA Student Member in the Northern California chapter. Entrants must be in school at the time of entry or have graduated no earlier than December 2023. Only one entry per student will be accepted. Group projects can be submitted if all team members meet eligibility requirements.


Any type or size project can be submitted. Projects can be from previous or current school projects. In addition to the above criteria, work will be judged on innovation, design concept, problem solving and clarity. A thoughtful analysis of the design solution and a compelling visual presentation are the basis for submission. Each submission is to be presented in an 11”x17” landscape digital PDF format consisting of the deliverables listed below. Do not include your name or school anywhere on the submission itself – it should be anonymous to the jury.


Summary — A well-articulated, written summary, no more than one page (8.5”x11”) in length with a minimum of 12-pt font, single spaced. Please include the following information: the design problem, project constraints, your concept, design approach and your solution.

Visuals — Six to eight 11”x17” pages that include sketches and drawings necessary to graphically communicate your design approach and solution. Each page can have single or multiple images depending on what you, the designer, are trying to convey. Both the summary essay and visuals should be carefully edited to succinctctly articulate your design. Carefully consider that projects are being evaluated without a verbal explanation. Remember to take into account the legibility of text and images formatted to an 11”x17” sheet in landscape format.


  • Live — Anyplace we call home: homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes or houseboats (full or partial renovations acceptable).
  • Work — Where we work: corporate workplace environments.
  • Play — Where we entertain ourselves: hotels, restaurants, theaters, spas, casinos, stores, showrooms, malls, tasting rooms, sports arenas.
  • Serve — Where we meet: public spaces, libraries, schools, non-office government facilities, transportation centers, places of worship, museums.
  • Heal — Where we flourish: hospitals, medical facilities, clinics, assisted living, laboratories.


All materials must be received by noon on 2/16/2024. Winners will be announced IN PERSON at The Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco at the IIDA Honor Awards celebration on March 14, 2024.