Membership Appreciation + Drive

Members and those interested in becoming a member, please join us for the SFCC IIDA Membership Drive for a night filled with forward thinking in honor of this year’s theme: Design for the Future 2023. Walk the red carpet right up to our ‘theater’ where we’ll stream some of our favorite futurist TED talks and enjoy movie theatre popcorn and all the candy hits. Screening will start at 6pm. See you there!


Please contact



Thursday, January 26 2023




500 Davis Street; San Francisco, CA 94111


IIDA Northern CA Chapter


Membership Appreciation I Blog Post

We had a blast at IIDA’s Membership Drive + Appreciation event themed Back to our Future held at the Two showroom. The evening was filled with good food, drinks and of course, your favorite movie theatre candy. Our featured Ted Talk with Jane McGonigal had us all thinking outside the box and into our future with a few engaging activities we could all do from our chairs. We then wrote postcards to friends, family or ourselves with words of near and far-future goal-setting. 

We enjoyed connecting with current IIDA members and meeting potential new members. If you are a member, thank you for the support and if you are not a member please consider joining to become part of this amazing group working to elevate and advocate for our profession. Please see the link below to the TED talk to join in on the conversation. To become a member, click here.

The Future is Dark