2021 Pioneers in Design – Liz Ogbu

Design/ing in the Apocalypse

Apocalypse comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “revelation” or “unveiling”. The past two years have hammered home the endemic nature of the conditions we face, the unprocessed grief we individually and collectively hold, and the need to focus on repair and healing, rather than a “return to normal”. As design/ers who shape the physical environment we all live in, we need to examine the ways we have been complicit in the harm of our communities. Design/er Liz Ogbu will lead us in the exploration of what it means to negotiate issues of race and space in service of the repair and healing of communities.

This event counts for 1.0 CEU or 0.1 CEU Credit with IDCEC (CC-115396-1000).

Pioneers in Design is the IIDA Northern California Annual Chapter Event which honors a pioneer from the design community who demonstrates innovation and inspiration. Our honorees have led novel efforts or breakthroughs in practice or implementation and brought new understanding of the impact design can have on people from the individual to entire communities.


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Thursday, October 28 2021






IIDA Northern California


Keynote Speaker

Liz Ogbu
Studio O

Liz Ogbu is a designer who likes to ask pointed questions about tough problems, and then find solutions.She is the founder and Principal of Studio O, a multidisciplinary design consultancy that works at the intersection of racial and spatial justice. Ms. Ogbu has held academic appointments at UC Berkeley and the Stanford D-School. She earned architecture degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard University. In addition to being honored as a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council, she is an Aspen Ideas Scholar, an IDEO.org Global Fellow and was named one of Public Interest Design’s Top 100.

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