Design + Art in Motion – San Francisco

Art and Design in Motion is a hybrid event featuring 20+ interior design manufacturer’s, dealers, and industry partners that will showcase both new & popular products ranging from furniture to furnishings, flooring and textiles. Local artists, Melanie Sangalang-Tiongson, Lizzi Egbers and Donald Gruneisen creating their graphic art LIVE on-site. They will be centrally located amidst vendor displays for inspiration & will include an exclusive look at their prized piece created for our joint city-center auction at the end of the monthly chapter series. Stay tuned for auction details!

The event will also feature Creativity Explored, a studio-based collective in San Francisco that partners with developmentally disabled artists to celebrate and nurture their creative potential. And an artist of their choosing to show off the remarkable work that they do for the community.


Johnny’s Doughnuts drip coffee and doughnut cart – Sponsored by Principal Builders

Fort Point Beer Pours


As the pandemic halted our normal in person events throughout the year that highlighted our philanthropic partners, this year all 6 Northern California city centers contemplated how to give back to these partners in 2021. Thus, our inaugural Art + Design in Motion event series was created. This series of events provided a space for manufacturers, local artists, the design community and our philanthropic partner, Creativity Explored, to come together.

Gallery 308 at Fort Mason gave everyone the opportunity to be safe and comfortable with both indoor and outdoor booths and plenty of space for distancing. The atmosphere was cheerful and people were delighted to be reunited.

The bridge between our design vendors and the art of Creativity Explored was the addition of live art to the event, with artists Lizzi Egbers and Melanie Sangalang-Tiongson, who are also a part of the San Francisco A+D community. Creativity Explored artist Donald Gruneisen was another incredible creative featured at this event making live art. Attendees and vendors alike were excited to be able to watch, admire, and engage with Lizzi, Melanie, and Donald as they worked.

To cap it all off, Johnny’s Doughnuts and Fort Point Beers provided top notch refreshments and treats to all attendees.


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Thursday, August 12 2021




Fort Mason Gallery 308


IIDA Northern CA Chapter