Terrarium Building + “Outside In” CEU

Please join us for an educational CEU focused on biophilic design in the workplace, followed by a fun night of terrarium building! The course will review the human need for seeking connections to nature, the impact of urbanization and the tech takeover, and why biophilic design is dominating the workplace. This CEU is accredited for IDCEC, HSW, and GBCI. For the activity following the CEU, we will provide all the materials you need to make your own terrarium as well as light food and drinks! Registration info to come.

Event Recap

The venue is inspired by an adult tree house. Large open spaces, indoor/outdoor atrium moments and warm natural materials are celebrated throughout the space to welcome anyone who walks in the door. The final touches to truly transform the space were the biophilic layering of plants and greenery. These specific nods captured the event perfectly. The space elevated the theme of the event and provided a holistic experience. Everyone was very happy to have both an educational takeaway and an activity to fulfill their CEU requirements. Participants loved the space itself and felt inspired to create their personal terrariums in a space that mimicked the task at hand. After learning about how Biophilia and greenery transform a space and have many health benefits to humans both mentally and physically, participants dove into the fun and created their custom terrariums. This truly brought members together for an activity-based focus. We had a wonderful balanced blend of attendees from the industry. Everyone shared their terrariums with one another during the building and design phase and lingered long after the event was over!



Please contact admin@iidanc.org



Thursday, May 12 2022




Two Embarcadero Center
Promenade Level, Suite R2308;
San Francisco, CA 94111


IIDA Northern CA Chapter