AI in Design

Digital tools have become ubiquitous to our work as designers. These tools assist us in conceptualizing, quantifying, and delivering built spaces. We utilize them to not only express our ideas but they act as an extension of our consciousness.

As artificial intelligence emerges and designers explore new ways to deliver design with more depth and creativity, we look toward new developments within creative programs to integrate more modalities that empower users.

Join us at our upcoming event where we will explore new tools and innovations in the realms of conceptualization, modeling, and construction. Some of the leading entrepreneurs and technology experts working with graphic creation, 3D modeling, and construction will discuss new and emerging technological advancements and changes to how we interact with the world around us.

Please note, there will be NO ENTRY PAST 6PM


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Wednesday, September 13 2023


5:30pm - 8:00pm


Autodesk Gallery
1 Market Street, Suite #200
San Francisco, CA


San Francisco City Center



Eric Law


Urban Machine

Eric Law is the co-founder and CEO of Urban Machine. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is currently combining his passion for sustainability and technology by building robots that reclaim wood from construction and demolition to be reused as premium lumber.

Previously, Law built an industry-leading innovation team at Swinerton, and he led the Construction Product team for Bentley Systems after his company, EADOC, had been acquired. When escaping technology, Law heads to the mountains with his family to ski, mountain bike, and climb a rock or two.

Negar Kalantar, PhD

Associate Professor

California College of the Arts (CCA)

Dr. Negar Kalantar is an Associate Professor of Interior design and Architecture and Co-Director of the Digital Craft Lab at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. Her cross-disciplinary research focuses on materials exploration, robotic and additive manufacturing technologies, and the integration of architecture, science, and engineering to examine the pivotal role of design in global issues and built environments. As the technology and fabrication director at BioBulb, she oversees the integration of BioBulb within AI-driven smart building systems.

Her work has been recognized by prominent outlets, including The Guardian, BBC, science-focused magazines, and the National Science Foundation.

Hilmar Koch

Media, and Entertainment Industry Futures

Autodesk Research

Hilmar Koch leads the research for the Future of Media and Entertainment at Autodesk Research. With partners, Research is exploring speculative scenarios in all emerging technologies, heavily leaning into AI.  Prior to Autodesk, Hilmar built a career as creative technologist at Blue Sky Studios, Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasfilm. He has led innovative technical and creative teams and collaborated with partners to redefine the storytelling experience as director of the Advanced Development Group. He has held roles as Director of Virtual Production, Head of Computer Graphics, and Digital Effects Supervisor. Hilmar’s filmography includes “Avatar,” “Star Trek”, “Transformers”, “Star Wars III”, “Star Wars VII” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,”. He was one of a team of 3 developing Academy Award-winning ambient occlusion technology used on “Pearl Harbor” in 2000. Early in his career at Blue Sky Studios he collaborated on the Academy Award-winning short “Bunny,” in addition to several other films and commercials.

John Manoochehri



Founder & CEO, Treasury Architect and experienced in both computational design and sustainability, John has founded companies in the space of design, data technology and sustainability. He founded Treasury in 2021 to focus on making the digital environments of today and tomorrow resources for sustainability and human development.