Our Forums program is a panel discussion series focused around on one central topic which impacts our design community at large.


Forums is an annual spring time conversation series hosted by City Centers across the Chapter.  Conversations are centered around a single overarching topic but interpreted independently by each City Center to reflect its individual personality, priority, and perspective. The intent is to unite our design community while engaging the broader communities we live and work in

All of our Forums are eligible for CEU credit. Please visit the calendar of events to find out which Forum is happening in your City Center next!

Vice President: Stephen Kolacki

Assistant: Anne Lawrence

CEU Accredited FORUMs videos

Design for Wellness: Building a Healthier Future

Moderator: Laura Guido-Clark, LG-C Design & Project Color Corps Panelists: Alicia Parker, City of Oakland Stephen Wong, Kaiser Permanente Adam Winig, Arcsine CEU Credit: Online Quiz

Design for Wellness: Nutrition in the Workplace

Moderator: Richman Neumann Leed, AIA, Leed AP founder and CEO of Modumate. Panelists: Cayce Hill, Executive Director, Veggielution Natalie Engels, IIDA, Principal, Gensler Stephanie Ivanick, Global Programming Break Room Manager, LinkedIn   CEU Credit: Online Quiz

Perspectives on Wellness: Defined & Decoded

Moderator: Lisa Bottom, LEED AP, IIDA Vice President, Principal, Corporate Market Sector Leader, Buildings + Places, AECOM Panelists: MARA BAUM AIA, LEED Fellow, WELL AP, WELL Faculty Vice President and Sustainable Design Leader, Health and Wellness, HOK Cristina Banks: Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces Becky Laden: Sr. Global Workplace Innovation Program Development Manager, Symantec Mark Strauss: Senior Strategic Advisor, IWBI CEU Credit: Online Quiz 

Design for Wellness: Hopeful & Mindful

Moderator: Sam Nickel, Operations Manager, Palm Tile Panelists: Bill Ryland, Director, Koinoma Camille Ryland, Director Community Outreach, Koinoma Krystal Dennis, Advisory Board, Koinoma Kira Stewart, Principal, Art Consulting Services   CEU Credit: Online Quiz

Design for Wellness: Revisioning Suburbia – Challenging Our Notion of Density and Scale

Moderator: Aaron Jobson, Quattrochi Architects Panelists: Robin Stephani, 8th Ware Paul Fritz, Fritz Architecture-Urbanism Shirlee Zane, Sonoma County District 3 Supervisor CEU Credit: Online Quiz

Design for Humanity – The Influence of Art + Design on At-Risk Youth

As design professionals, we have a great opportunity and responsibility to our communities to help positively impact the next generation thru our creative work. Join us as we discuss with local artists, designers, educators and youth advocates how our industry can inspire young people struggling with social, economic and educational challenges through integration of art in interior environments.

Human Centered Design – An Exploration of Biophilia and Experience Design

Immersive, life-changing design is all around us; whether we recognize it or not, may just be the difference it takes to be a successful designer. Join us as we explore the many facets of Human Centered Design and the ways in which we craft experiences that impact, influence, and improve the human reality.
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