2023 Distinguished Achievement Award

Embracing Innovation and Building Lasting Connections

An Inspiring Journey of 38 Years in Bay Area Design

On May 23 at the annual Pioneers in Design event, Rachel Stallworth, a highly accomplished and respected professional in our local industry, was recently awarded the prestigious 2023 Distinguished Achievement Award by the Northern California International Interior Design Association (IIDA) chapter. This esteemed recognition is given to individuals who have made significant and consistent contributions to the profession, reflecting a deep commitment to excellence and dedication to their craft.

Lisa Weeks, from Gensler, had the privilege of introducing Rachel Stallworth as this year’s recipient, highlighting her remarkable ability to evolve and adapt throughout her career. Rachel has been an active participant in the Bay Area design community since 1985, embracing every industry shift and staying attuned to the needs of designers, manufacturers, and clients over the past 38 years.

Upon accepting the award, Rachel expressed her deep love for the industry and her immense gratitude to the Northern California chapter and its members. She credited her family, friends, and the countless designers, reps, and manufacturer rep agencies who have recommended her to others, acknowledging their support as integral to her success.

Over the years, Rachel’s dedication to her craft and commitment to supporting others led her to develop digital libraries and online tools to assist designers and manufacturers. She emphasized the importance of connections within the industry, encouraging everyone to reconnect and support one another, especially during challenging times.

Rachel Stallworth
Owner | Stallworth Enterprises, Inc.