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IIDA SFCC Coat Drive

Posted on: November 8, 2016

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Larkin Street Youth Services is the San Francisco City Center’s selected beneficiary this year.

As part of the committee, I visited the shelter with a few of my committee cohorts, Denise Rocha and Laura Kuhar. Jason Giblin, the Manager of Volunteer Services and Community Relations at Larkin Street, showed us around the cheerful space, and explained their unique mission. Larkin Street Youth Services caters to homeless youth between the ages of 16-24. Their goal is to inspire homeless youth to move beyond the street. In order to make this possible, they offer a variety of programs, services and health care, to provide tools so that their clients can permanently reclaim their lives. The success of their mission has set them apart over the last thirty years. It’s a pretty awesome undertaking, and you feel inspired by all of the people who work so hard to effect change there on a daily basis. It’s definitely more akin to brain surgery- than selling office furniture or designing space!

As we were walking through the facility, we were shown the area where they keep clothing for the clients. We all noticed how drab the offerings were. As you can imagine, our creative juices started flowing….we work in an industry rife with people who have a strong aesthetic sense. Most people in our industry have their own unique sense of style. Couldn’t WE perhaps offer up clothing to help young people get jobs and effect change in their lives? Why NOT? Well, after discussing this with Jason, he agreed, but he noted that many of the young homeless arriving at Larkin Street have come to the city from warmer environs. They are therefore not prepared for the chilly weather they encounter here in San Francisco. Providing warm jackets and coats would meet a very immediate need. “No one expects it to be as cold as it is, in San Francisco,” Jason explained.

Cut to the chase: Here’s how YOU can help! We’re gathering gently used coats and jackets at three locations over the next three weeks, and the sizes needed are for for youths in the age range of 16-24 If YOU want to actively help make someone warm this winter, please bring you coats to one of the following drop off locations prior to November 17 th .

1. One Workplace
475. Brannan Street, Ste 201
Please call Julia Peppard prior to drop off at 415. 317. 3237

2. RDI
272 in Street (at Broadway)
Please call Lynda Butler prior to drop off at 415. 777.0202

3. Allsteel
4 Maritime Plaza
Please call Amy Aquino prior to drop off at 415.214.0300

Thank you so much for your support!

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