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Perspectives on Wellness: Defined & Decoded

Posted on: June 11, 2018

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What an exciting and informative evening! On May 17, San Francisco City Center hosted the finale in a series of panel discussions around the topic of wellness with a distinguished panel  of experts on one of today’s hottest topics of discussion. Each panelist brought a unique point of view, with backgrounds ranging from design, to research, standards development, and strategy leadership on the client side. Guests in the audience witnessed a lively and interesting conversation focused on defining wellness—unpacking some of the questions we all have about new standards and research and ultimately projecting how this shift in our industry will impact our roles as designers of the built environment.

We thank Allsteel for providing space and assistance in hosting with us this wonderful event. With networking before and after the discussion and great food and wine, everyone was actively engaged and left the evening ready to continue the wellness conversation with their own friends and colleagues.


Our panelists included: Cristina Banks, Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces; Mara Baum, HOK; Becky Laden, Symantec; Mark Strauss, IWBI/WELL, and the moderator was Lisa Bottom, AECOM.

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