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Food Runners

Posted on: June 25, 2018

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After reflecting on this year’s IIDA theme Design for Wellness, the SF City Center Committee chose the organization Food Runners for our 2018 philanthropic partnership. Food Runners was founded 30 years ago by Mary Risley to connect excess nutritional food to the hungry and in need people at about 300 agencies around San Francisco. Each week Mary and her team of volunteers organize an average of 500 pick-ups from grocery stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Mollie Stone’s, catered events and conventions, and companies with meals provided. They even pick up fresh leftover food from local farmer’s markets and fishmongers.


Every Saturday the same volunteers go to the Ferry Building farmer’s market to pick up any leftover food the vendors are willing to donate. A couple of our committee members volunteered one weekend to experience Food Runner’s work first hand. We assisted in asking the booths if they were willing to donate and loading the truck with boxes of donations. It was heart warmings to see how the vendors all knew the crew after years of working together and were willing to donate heaps of their fresh produce that did not sell.

If you are interested in voluznteering with Food Runners you can follow this link to fill out a form and choose to be either a “regular runner” or an “on-call runner”. You can also show your support through monetary or food donations! Also, if you organize an event with catered food please consider contacting Food Runners with any leftovers and helping those in need around our community.

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