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Design for the Future: Next Generation Workplaces

North Bay Spring Forum Recap

Posted on: May 4, 2019

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Christina Pratt, Assoc. IIDA, Andrea Nagy, Assoc. IIDA, Heather Mackin, IIDA, Danielle O’Leary

The North Bay City Center gathered this spring for a thought-provoking CEU panel discussion on Design for the Future: Next Generation Workplaces. Throughout the planning process for the IIDA Northern California Forum Series, our goal was to create a conversation to help the local design community understand how designers can positively impact the local economy by helping businesses succeed in attracting and retaining talent.

The Forum

The idea of Placemaking was discussed in regards to local communities, businesses, and how to attract and retain talent in our region. Many topics regarding the North Bay were brought up including the housing shortage, creating a unique sense of place to differentiate itself, challenges in transportation within the Bay Area, and trends and statistics seen throughout large companies including setting up satellite offices in their search for real estate property. Designers also were given ideas of how to better get involved in order to be a positive and known presence in their local communities.



The Speakers

Mindi Weichman, Design Director of Studio O+A in San Francisco, who guides design teams through every phase of a project with enthusiasm for the nuts and bolts of design, moderated the panel posing the discussion from a design-driven perspective. She focused on the North Bay Economy, CoWorking and New Workplace Trends, and the idea of Placemaking- how we can collectively shape our public realm and capitalize on local community assets, inspiration, and potential.

Panelist Danielle Stroble, Founder/Community Director of Keller Street CoWork in Petaluma, has worked and mastered the art of working with people to help them realize their best life personally and professionally, leading her to be the mastermind behind Keller Street CoWork. Danielle brought personal experience to discussing CoWorking design and functionality, and the local community of Petaluma and the North Bay.

Panelist Karen Heintz, Managing Director of Business Transition and Move Management for Northern California at CBRE, is an expert in understanding the long-term impact important decisions have on the client, end user, facilities, and real estate while also understanding a building owner’s goals and objectives. She was able to speak towards current local statistics in regards to businesses seeking real estate and the physical connection between the North Bay and the rest of the Bay Area.

Panelist Danielle O’Leary, Director of Economic Development and Innovation for City of San Rafael, focuses on creating positive community and economic growth through her expertise in building strong local economies that highlight arts and culture, business promotion, and industry clusters retention for hospitality and tourism, small business, and technology. Danielle brought an insightful perspective regarding attracting and retaining talent in our North Bay communities and how designers can get involved in all steps of projects to better display the value of design.

The Venue

We are so grateful to Danielle Stroble of Keller Street CoWork for allowing us to host this great discussion in such an inspiring space. The space was the perfect venue to bridge our North Bay Community with the rest of the Bay Area, and being in a CoWorking environment enhanced the discussion and allowed for designers to explore the space and get an idea of how the space functions on a day-to-day basis. Lite brunch and bubbles were offered as attendees enjoyed the social period prior to the panel.


Pictured from upper left: Design details of the venue, Maureen Highland (Petaluma Educational Foundation), North Bay City Center Director, Heather Mackin, IIDA (Mackin Creative), Stacey Walker, IIDA (TLCD Architecture), Bianca Kolonusz-Partee, Ind. IIDA (Trope Group), Andrea Nagy, Assoc. IIDA (TLCD Architecture), Bettie Hannigan, Ind. IIDA (Callahan + Co), Mary Dooley, AIA (MAD Architecture), Madeline Grady, Ind. IIDA (Interiors Inc), Christina Pratt, Assoc. IIDA (Trope Group)

The Sponsors

Our City Center extends a huge thank you to our event sponsors and the chapter patrons for helping us put on this informative event that provides continuing education for our design community and advocates for commercial interior design.

Trope Group | RDI-SF | Callahan + Co | Momentum | National | Patcraft

A portion of the proceeds from this event will go towards this year’s beneficiary; Petaluma Educational Foundation (PEF), whose grants and scholarships enhance the academic lives of more than 13,000 students annually. We are very excited to work with PEF to create a sponsorship in IIDA’s name to help enrich the lives of our local students seeking higher education in design.

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