IIDA offers Members strong networking and tangible benefits for education, inspiration and professional development.

Membership Benefits

Membership in IIDA provides access to resources that can help you get ahead in your career. Benefits include subscriptions to leading magazines, tuition reimbursement opportunities, the chance to reach Forum colleagues around the world, as well as reduced fees for exciting Chapter initiatives and International events like the Leaders Breakfast series.

For more on member benefits, visit the IIDA website.

Membership levels

There are 7 main levels of IIDA membership:

Vice President: Miguel Thurston

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Professional Member

Cost: $515

Eligibility: Professional members are defined as actively engaged in the profession of interior design or design education

Interior Designer Submission Requirement

  • Proof of certification date (or test results) by NCIDQ or NCARB exam.

Architect Submission Requirement

  • Proof of either state architectural registration or documentation of successful completion of NCARB exam, and
  • Documentation (resume or current job description, with dates, acceptable) of minimum of six years practice experience in interior design above and beyond those areas tested by the NCARB exam.

Associate Member

Cost: $295 AS-1 (1-2 years of membership) / $435 AS-2 (3-5 years of membership) / $515 AS-3 (6+ years of membership)

Eligibility: Has met the current educational requirements for the NCIDQ examination but has not successfully completed the examination.

Submission Requirements

  • Submit a current resume
  • Submit transcripts/diploma

Educator Member

Cost: $295 Professional / $260 Associate

Professional Eligibility

  • Meet all the requirements of a Professional Member and are actively engaged as department chairs or full-time instructors in a post secondary program of interior design.

Associate Eligibility

  • Meet all the requirements of a Associate Member and are actively engaged as department chairs or full-time instructors in a post secondary program of interior design.

Student Member

Cost: $60

Eligibility: Any student enrolled either full-time or part-time in a post-secondary interior design or related education program.

Submission Requirements: Please provide ONE of the following with your application. This must be generated by your school and include your name. Applications received without proof of enrollment cannot be processed.

  • Photocopy of current school ID or copy of transcript opportunities wherever you are located.
  • Copy of current class schedule
  • Professor’s signature

Industry Member

Cost: $10,000 (30 representatives) / $7,000 (15 representatives) / $5,000 (10 representatives) / $2,500 (6 representatives) / $1,200 (3 representatives) / $515 (Industry Individual)

Eligibility: You work for a manufacturer of interior design products or you are a rep for a manufacturer.

Affiliate Member

Cost: $515

Eligibility: Affiliate members are actively engaged in a field of expertise other than interior design (i.e. landscape architects, lighting designers, etc.)

Submission Requirement: Business card or current resume

International Member

International Dual Membership and International At-Large Membership reflects the Association’s international focus. These Membership levels allow you to take advantage of Membership benefits and networking opportunities wherever you are located.

Cost: $355 Professional / $200 Associate / $355 Affiliate / $145 Dual Professional / $125 Dual Associate / $135 International Design School

At-Large Eligibility: If you an active Interior Designer located outside of an area covered by an IIDA chapter, you can apply as an International At-Large Member. International At-Large Members can join at the Professional, Associate, or Student level.

International At-Large Submission Requirements:

  • Interior Design certificate, degree or diploma
  • Resume showing you have completed the relevant work experience
  • Access the At-Large application

Dual Eligibility: If you are already an active Member with one of the Associations listed below, and are located outside the US, you can qualify as an International Dual Member. IIDA offers you a reduced rate to become a Member at a Professional, Associate, or Retired level.

International Dual Submission Requirements:

When you have IIDA as a secondary Membership you automatically have a network of designers and a roster of events that can help you get more out of your career:

  • BSID, Bermuda
  • IDC, Canada
  • BIID, UK

Join IIDA Online Application Download Application EZ Pay Payment Plan

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