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An In-Depth Look at Made Local 2016

Q&A with our Co-Chairs, Theresa Behdjet and Sara Turner

Posted on: November 7, 2016

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On Thursday, November 10, this 4th annual IIDA event will take place at NWBLK in San Francisco. Hosted by the San Francisco City Center and open to the general public, MADE LOCAL is a showcase of Northern California based artists, fabricators, and manufacturers who produce goods for the built environment. Net proceeds from this event benefit our philanthropic partner, Larkin Street Youth Services.

We sat down with Theresa Behdjet (TB) and Sara Turner (ST), Event Co-chairs, to learn more about the event and its value to the design community.


IIDA: Tell us a little bit about Made Local and its mission?

TB: The idea of Made Local started with designer Josh Bridie. He was looking for a way to provide additional exposure to local artisans and craftspeople, who don’t typically have robust marketing and sales budgets, to the designers who specify their products. During the time, the economy was still in recovery mode and according to Joshua, “it just made sense to give visibility to local companies.”


IIDA: How does this event tie into Sustainability?

TB: We are trying to focus on local businesses that manufacture and work in the Northern California IIDA region. This supports our community and reduces the greenhouse gasses associated with long-haul freight and delivery.


IIDA: What can one expect to see at the event?

TB: It is an exciting event with a wide range of product types for the built environment. We showcase seating, desks, ceramics, textiles, lighting, outdoor furniture and provide tasty food and drinks and music. Is is also a fantastic networking opportunity – we have almost 400 attendees every year!

IIDA: Who will be in attendance?

TB: Everyone is welcome and typically there is a large designer turn-out. We also see many friends of the design community who come to support local our local artisans while also networking.

IIDA: Can non-designers attend and if so, what’s the value for the non-design community?

ST: Of course non-designers can attend. The doors are always open to anyone who is interested in seeing art pieces, rugs, lighting, etc. Many of these vendors have pieces that could be sold in the built environment or even by a person-to-person transaction. All are welcome!


IIDA: How is this event beneficial to students?

ST: IIDA has always been great at recognizing how wonderful our student involvement is through our nonprofit events. We love to have the students help, support, and ideas on what is beneficial to their future career. They are our next generation and we value their opinion!


IIDA: While there is a cost to attend, we see that the net proceeds will benefit Larkin Street Youth Services. Tell us a little bit about them.

ST: Larkin Street Youth Services is the IIDA NC’s official philanthropy partner. They provide comprehensive youth service programs located throughout San Francisco.


IIDA: Is there anything special about the event space, NWBLK?

TB: NWBLK is a premiere event space located in SOMA that complements our mission of sustainability and support of local businesses. The space provides a perfect backdrop for our exhibitors to present their products and services.

IIDA: Anything else we should know?

TB: Come one, come all….it will be a fun evening!

For more information on the event and ticketing, visit Eventbrite.

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