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IIDA SFCC Coat Drive Recap

Posted on: February 6, 2017

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From what started out as a casual seed of an idea, grew a gift of warmth and comfort for many homeless youth at the Larkin Street Youth Services Center in San Francisco. As the temperature has plummeted in just the last few weeks- it’s perfect timing!

What an amazing effort everyone put in to gathering coats and jackets! Thank you to all who participated and donated.  We’ve changed some lives in a very practical way.

Special thanks go to Gensler Oakland, where Rikki Gates and Fabiola Catalan led the charge and collected THE MOST coats of all, 30 coats and jackets in total! Scarves and gloves (and even a motorcycle jacket!) were included as well. Gensler Oakland- YOU ROCK!! Thanks for your efforts!

Thank you also to Jason Anderson (One Workplace SF) and Brittny Badger (Steelcase), who helped with our labels as well as the collections from One Workplace and Steelcase.

And Amy Aquino at Allsteel was able to boost their contributions with further donations from Inside Source. Thank you Amy!

RDI’s Lynda Butler bundled in more coats and jackets to add to our grand total: over 60 coats!

Larkin Street Youth Services’ Jason Giblin was touched and grateful to see our haul- and the quality of everything we donated.

“This will make such a difference for our clients,” he said, “You have no idea! Thank you!”

More thanks go to Laura Kuhar, Theresa Behdjet, and Lauri VanWert of the San Francisco City Center.  This was a great effort on all levels. It was pulled together with very little time and a lot of heart. Thank you everyone!

Cheers to IIDA San Francisco City Center for making a tangible difference in the lives of our homeless youth here in San Francisco.


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  1. Emily Hall says:

    This is so awesome! Great job team!

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