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IIDA SFCC Member Appreciation 2017

Posted on: March 15, 2017

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Every year the IIDA NC San Francisco City Center holds an event which is exclusively for our members. The purpose of the event is to celebrate those who have invested in IIDA, not only with a little party, but also by giving them some sort of insightful boon to their professional life. Last year, for example, we had an evening featuring make-up artists, photographers and an expert from LinkedIn to review and revamp our online professional images.

This year we focused again on enhancing our professional image and presence, with top stylists from Nordstrom as well as a pair of our local glitterati with interesting paths that led them to where they are currently: Lisa Bottom, Design Principal at Gensler, and Tom DiRenzo, A&D Director at CRI.

Hosted this year by Herman Miller in their awesome showroom on Geary Street (with jaw dropping views!), the wine flowed and delicious appetizers enticed us as everyone arrived.

The Nordstrom stylists tackled fashion for professionals, giving tips on creative ways to accessorize as well as pointing out important “must have” basics. Trends were highlighted, and they brought fun swag bags to hand out. Best take-away? A free styling session for everyone who signed up. Very nice!

Lisa and Tom started their session by asking everyone to TURN OFF and stash their cell phones.

“Be in the moment,” Tom advised. Taking cues from each other with much amusing repartee, they talked about their professional pasts and experiences, while peppering us with solid advice: Be Curious! Listen! Get out of your own head!

Lisa offered her top five points- with stories underscoring each:

  1. The Golden Rule, rules!
  2. None of us is as smart as all of us.
  3. Never burn a bridge. It might be your escape route.
  4. Design is not more important than people.
  5. Don’t be afraid to evolve.

Both Tom and Lisa emphasized the importance of being present for others as a key element in developing one’s long term professional career arc.

Tom’s parting wisdom, delivered humorously, but spot on nonetheless:

Be useful! Be human! And then we all die…

We are so grateful to all our members for the support and participation each and everyone of you contributes to our organization.  A special thank you to Tom and Lisa for sharing their wisdom with us, to Nordstrom for helping us look our best, and to the folks at Herman Miller for graciously opening their showroom to us. Looking forward to a fantastic 2017!

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