Silicon Valley CEU

Date: February 15
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: AMQ Headquarters

764 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050 United States


Start the New Year off with a commitment to bettering your personal relationships and doing some good! Join us as we first explore the background of emotional intelligence, and then better understand how to use our purchasing power to support corporations that are striving to make an impactful change. These seminars introduce users to the personal concepts of Emotional Literacy and Intrinsic Motivation, as well as the social concepts of Circular Economy, Inclusive Businesses, and Social Enterprises. Participants will gain a raised awareness of the “what, how, and why” of emotional intelligence, as well as learn how to make an impact through supporting the circular economy.

Presenter: Mary Welty-Dapkus | Life Coach, Founder of Fresh Intuition
Course: Raising EQ – Getting Smart About Emotional Intelligence

“Your choices matter. You choose your thoughts, your feelings, your actions… and that changes the world around you. What is the effect you want to have at work, in your life, in the world?” We will introduce you to the world of Emotional Intelligence and dive beneath the surface to expand your knowledge and wisdom about the impact that raising EQ can have on all your relationships, both personally and professionally.

Presenter: Jarami Bond | Interface Representative, Sustainability Strategy Manager
Course: Doing Well By Doing Good – Demistifying the Options

Unlike any other entity, corporations have the power of influence to change how we do business and to make impactful change. “Doing well by doing good” – the knowledge that businesses can thrive by contributing to the greater good, while making profits – can manifest in several types of models. A circular economy, a B corp, a charity and a social enterprise all can support this mission, but each does it differently and it their own way. This course will discuss and compare these various models and help provide clarity to the consumer so they can support corporations with their own purchasing powers to help change the way business is done.


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