Honor Awards Tour #2

Date: August 21, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Honor Awards Tour #2

Don’t miss this opportunity to tour the 2019 IIDA NC Honor Award winning projects! We’ve assembled the designers and clients to highlight special features of each project.

This newest Pinterest headquarters, occupying a new six story concrete structure in San Francisco’s SOMA district, is positioned to help create an urban campus together with their earlier work spaces completed down the street. Per the approved development plan for the building, the main lobby at ground level constitutes one of the city’s POPOS spaces — i.e.  a Privately Owned Public Outdoor Space. It is glassed-in, but has a large operable corner that opens to a new landscaped mid-block pedestrian alleyway. Within this double-height lobby is a new cafe called The Point that is operated by Pinterest. This arrangement creates a welcoming and open ground floor public lobby. It promotes greater interaction and exposure between the city and the company, and allows for Pinterest to participate in shaping San Francisco’s public realm. Similar to the earlier HQ design, a bespoke wood ceiling along Brannan Street and custom built-in furniture is designed to create a ‘super-threshold’ between the city and Pinterest.

The all-hands/dining space and tech lounge for Pinterest occupy the second floor, overlooking the lobby below through a wraparound glass wall.  The main communication stair connecting this level to all upper floors switches back and hangs from the ceiling as a sculptural object that animates the POPOS Lobby below. The stair continues upwards, cutting through the upper four floors as a cascading communication stair. It is encased in white painted vertical aluminum rods that filter views and light, while the faceted wood ceiling incorporates indirect LED lighting within each facet. These interior architectural features further enliven the POPOS Lobby after dark, playing off and reflecting the dynamic movement of Brannan Street outside the glass lobby walls.

Space is limited. No entry will be permitted without RSVP.

Questions? sanfrancisco@iidanc.org

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