Honor Awards Tour #1

Date: July 24, 2019

Location: Honor Awards Tour #1

Don’t miss this opportunity to tour the 2019 IIDA NC Honor Award winning projects! We’ve assembled the designers and clients to highlight special features of each project.

GitHub is an open source coding community, that prides itself on creating a transparent, connected, and collective product. The goal of GitHub’s new office expansion was to soften the harsh, masculine feel of their current brick and timber-framed building while providing a variety of opportunities for working at different times of the day. Rapt Studio’s design concept was rooted in the company’s open source business plan. The strategy was to create an organic inner hub for a closed program while still maintaining a sense of privacy and connectivity. The floor plan became a physical model of open source collaboration, effectively translating their platform into a space.

Space is limited. No entry will be permitted without RSVP.

Questions? sanfrancisco@iidanc.org

Tickets – SFCC_2019_HonorAwards-Tour1

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