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Acronyms Defined

CEU: A CEU, a continuing education unit, is a measurement of contact hours and credit assigned to an approved course. CEUs are awarded based on full-hour increments only.

NCIDQ: The NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) is a not-for-profit organization whose objective is to protect the health, life safety and welfare of the public. Interior designers who pass the NCIDQ examination are recognized for meeting the minimum standards for professional practice. Passing the NCIDQ is a prerequisite to professional membership in IIDA. California has a different examination for professional certification of interior designers called IDEX, but at this time IDEX is not recognized by IIDA as qualifying requirement for professional membership.

IIDA offers NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement. For more information and to apply, please visit online.
ASID offers NCIDQ Exam Preparation.

IIDA and California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID) have online glossaries to help decipher additional acronyms.


CEU Compliance

Who needs CEUs? All Professional and Associate Members (active and inactive) including IIDA Fellows and Chapter Officers, must adhere to IIDA’s compliance requirements.

How many CEUs do I need? You need 1.0 CEU (10 hours) during each compliance period. The current compliance period is January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017.

How do I get CEUs? IIDA accepts all IDCEC-approved courses. You can attend an IDCEC course in person or explore distance learning opportunities at

How do I report CEUs? It is the responsibility of each Member to maintain his/her own records. IIDA reserves the right to request proof of compliance at any time. CEU reporting is handled at the end of each compliance period through CEU Auditing. If you are selected for the audit you will be required to submit proof of your compliance at that time. If you attend an IDCEC approved course, all you would be required to submit as proof of attendance is a certificate of attendance/participation. If you attend a course that is not IDCEC approved you may submit that for approval using an Individual Approval Reporting Form, IARF. Credits awarded via an IARF will only be acceptable towards IIDA Compliance.

Do I need to report my CEUs to NCIDQ? IIDA is no longer encouraging NCIDQ registration due to cost and the length of processing. Members are instructed to keep their own records and can report to NCIDQ if they wish, but this is not required. CEU providers should provide a certificate of attendance to members directly in addition to reporting to NCIDQ.

Are you a CID? All IDCEC approved CEUs qualify for California Certified Interior Designer CEUS. Visit CCIDC online for more information on CID CEU requirements. CCIDC now requires CIDs to report their CEUs online before they can renew their certification. Reporting is free and reports can be used to track all CEUs you took. Report CID CEUs online.

Are you an AIA member? IDCEC approved courses are considered Structured Self-Reported Programs by AIA and are accepted for Learning Units (LUs) by many state boards. To request credit, AIA members must complete the AIA/CES Self-Report Form and submit it to AIA/CES Records at the University of Oklahoma.

Do you need a LEED CEU? Find a list of LEED Accredited Continuing Education Courses here. For more information about LEED Continuing Education Credits please consult LEED Credentialing Maintenance Guide. IIDA offers LEED Exam Reimbursement. For more information and to apply, please visit online.

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