Board Members

The IIDA NC Chapter Board is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of the organization. New board members are selected on an annual basis.

Co-VP Advocacy
VP Public Relations
North Bay City Center Director-Elect
VP Communications
Immediate Past-President
Advisor to the Board
Co-VP Student Affairs
Profile picture of Joyce Mizuhara
Joyce Mizuhara
VP Forums
Co-VP Professional Development
VP Philanthropy
Profile picture of Khaing Sabe
Khaing Sabe
VP Philanthropy
Membership co-chair
San Francisco City Center Director
Silicon Valley City Center Director
Assistant VP Sponsorship
Assistant VP Forums
VP City Centers
VP Membership
Co-VP Advocacy
Co-VP Professional Development
Sacramento City Center Director
East Bay City Center Director-Elect
East Bay City Center Director
VP Sponsorship
San Francisco City Center Director-Elect
North Bay City Center Director
Advisor to the Board
Chapter Administrator
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